Services & Offerings

Wellness Consultations

Book your personal consultation with our nutrition, health, and wellness experts to start bettering your lifestyle today!
Grocery & Frozen Food Items

We have foods for food allergies, vegan & vegetarian diets, low carb diet, as well as paleo diet. We also have organic non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

General Health Consultations

Schedule an appointment today with one of our Specialists to get an evaluation of your health. (fee applies)

Cold Pressed Juices & Smoothies

Panacea offers a full-service menu of made to order fresh juices and smoothies. We use only the highest quality all-natural ingredients for our drinks. Juices are always cold-pressed. We offer specialized juices and cleanses made with you in mind.

Chiropratic Adjustments

Located within the Health and Wellness Specialists' facility. Dr. Mercedes Robinson offers chiropractic care for all ages: infants to adults including care for pregnant women. She is in on Tuesday - Thursday, hours are by appointment. (fee applies)

Weight Loss Programs & Diet Planning

We offer customized programs that are designed to help you lose inches and pounds. We help you make healthier choices, create a proper exercise program, and educate you on supplements that help you throughout the program. (fee applies)

Massage Therapy

Schedule your appointment today with our massage therapist for restorative and therapeutic massage. (fee applies)

Food Allergy/Intolerance Consultations

Brandi Robinson is our food allergen consultant, she helps you transition to an allergen-friendly lifestyle that is economical and easy to follow. Brandi offers weekly meal planning to keep you on track with your health. (fee applies)

Aromatherapy Consultations

We offer customized aromatherapy sessions (essential oil therapy) for those of you who are interested in using essential oils for your health and wellness concerns. Schedule an appointment with Yolanda Heath, our aromatherapist, to get your health plan started. (fee applies)

Healing Touch Sessions

Healing touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Sessions are available by appointment. (fee applies)

Zyto Scanning

Our Zyto Scan is bio-communications reader which helps determine what supplements the body needs and why we need them. These are appointment only based and appointments with scan and consultation last about an hour. Call for Zyto Scan appointment today! (fee applies)

Detox Foot/Hand Baths

We now offer hand and/or foot baths that aid in getting rid of the harmful toxins on our bodies. These baths cleanse the body of toxins that cause anxiety, stress, sleeping problems and many other things! Schedule your appointment today! (fee applies)

Child Wellness Consultation

Schedule an appointment for your child today with one of our Specialists to get an evaluation of your child's health. (fee applies)

Various Educational Classes

We offer a wide variety of classes such as wellness, essential oils, weight loss, etc. Contact us today to sign up for one of our upcoming classes! (fee applies)

Vitamin & Supplement Consultation

Are you curious what Vitamins & Supplements may benefit your body? Schedule an appointment today with one of our Specialists for a consultation. (fee applies)

AromaDome® Sessions

AromaDome® is an easy-to-use tool, a whole new way to use our amazing Young Living Essential Oils! Sessions help with detoxification, relaxation, and other health and wellness concerns. Make your appointment today! (fee applies)